Best Emoji Apps For Android and iOS 2019

best emoji apps for andtoid and iphone in 2019

Best emoji app for Android and iOS 2019: Locating the best emoji application for the Android and iOS operating system is a very hectic task. The Play Store and iTunes have no shortage of emoji applications that are meant to cater to the audiences. However, when you would download certain applications, you will realize the amount of disappointment they can give. Henceforth, to keep you at peace and load your social media profiles with the best of emojis and expressions, we have worthy options here on our page.

Gone are the days when you had to download each application and find out the workability. Currently, we have churned a list of best emoji application that can help you to make the inconsiderate decision for serving your requirement.

Why download emoji applications?

Emoji apps give Wings to your feelings and expressions. It is simply impossible to express what your heart feels while texting with your loved one. However, the best emoji applications for smartphone, you can put an exact expression with the text for conveying your feelings. Sometimes, things that you say randomly can end up hurting people. However, adding a funny emoji along with the text can keep the conversation ends.

The idea of texting has been existing ever since 1990. However, since the advent of the internet, texting has received a new concept altogether. People simply love to add a relevant emoji alongside the messages for expressing things in the best possible way. Every year, you would get to encounter an updated set of emoji for Android and IOS operating systems. The special characteristics added to the collection comprise of different skin stone, animals, Taco and Unicorn. It is simply fun to install and use the emoji keyboard while you chat on social media with your friends and loved ones.

How to install an emoji keyboard apps in iOS application?

It is extremely simple to have an emoji keyboard application in any of the Apple devices. Check out the best emoji application from iTunes and download the same in your iOS smartphone. Open the list of keyboard available in your gadget and activate the emoji keyboard downloaded online. There is a globe located on the left-hand side of the emoji application. This would let you change the entry field and access emoji themes. Apart from normal emoji, the specialized application helps you to send extra symbols for more fun.

Free emoji applications for iOS make your chats all the more personalized. The applications are flooded with intelligent options that can predict the exact kind of emoji that you would be using with particular chat.

How to install the emoji keyboard in Android device?

Installing an emoji keyboard on an Android device is as simple as installing it in any iOS smartphone. There are so many ways through which we can access the best emoji application for enjoying a better chatting experience. The impressive range of characters helps you to add a hilarious touch with whatever you say. You need to activate the downloaded emoji application by activating them through settings option in your smartphone.

  • visit settings

  • Choose language and input option under keyboard

  • Choose the Google keyboard and click upon the downloaded application for advanced emoji options.

Once you download the best emoji keyboard for your Android smartphone, there are unlimited choices at your disposal. You can choose amongst funny, happy, romantic, angry and confused stickers for sharing them with your family and friends.

Best emoji applications for Android and iOS

1. GO Keyboard

go keyboard best emoji app for 2019

Are you looking for an advanced emoji keyboard for your Android handset? If yes, choose to download GO Keyboard that has a unique user interface and more than 1000 emojis. You can make your conversations highly fashionable by embedding an unlimited amount of facial expressions on social media text Chat. Go keyboard is definitely the best way to enhance your chatting experience on the Android platform.

Download for Android     Download for iPhone

 2. Face emojiface emoji kewboard

This is yet another amazing keyboard application that you can ever install in your smartphone. Face emoji is integrated with more than 3600 emojis for expressing your sentiments. It also has themes that can stimulate your typing experience and overall chatting capabilities.

                                                      Download for Android         Download for iPhone

3. SwiftKey keyboard + emojiswiftkey keyboard for android and iphone

One of the best emoji applications has been downloaded by millions of people so far. SwiftKey Android keyboard has unlimited characters that come with advanced features. You can enhance your typing slow on social media by getting the suggestion from the applications. The Automatic spelling corrector immediately rectifies the wrong English words. SwiftKey is indeed one of the finest emoji applications that you have for Android.

                                                                Download for Android     Download for iPhone

4. Fairy Tale emojifairytale emoji keyboard

Fairy Tale emoji is one of the most popular and widely used emoji is best for Android operating systems. The quick access to emojis and images provide an excellent way to express your feelings. You can use a fairy tale keyboard all the way to make your chatting experience better.

                          Download for Android

5. Flash keyboardflash keyboard apk

Flash keyboard for Apple and Android user helps you to generate hilarious emoji faces to be shared with family and friends. You can pick up your favorite icons from the list of stickers, emojis, and GIF to enjoy chatting with your friends and family. You can give Wings to your words without saying a single word through this emoji application.

                                                           Download for Android        Download for iPhone

6. Giphygiphy for android and iphone

Particularly known for creative emoji, stickers, and GIF, giphy emoji application would never leave you disappointed. You can enjoy the platform with a huge amount of content to be shared on social media chat pages. In fact, giphy allows you to create your own emojis that can be exchanged on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

                                                                Download for Android      Download for iPhone

7. Bitmojibitmoji app for android and iphone

How about having an emoji application that is perfect for both IOS and Android user? Bitmoji generates personalized and unique emoji for providing a different texting experience altogether. You would never get bored out of texting your friends and companions on social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

                                                              Download for Android      Download for iPhone

8. Adult emoji iconsadult emoji icon

It goes without saying that social media chatting is not just about normal conversations. People often want to go a little vulgar and insane while initiating a chat with their lovers and Crush. Therefore, here an amazing application that has flirty stickers and relevant emoji icons to be shared with people belonging to the opposite gender. HD quality flirty stickers fit perfectly with Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other chatting alternatives. You can choose the premium account for more varieties of emojis. The normal version comprises of party, flirty, game, action, adult and funny emoji icons.

                                                          Download for Android        Download for iPhone

9. SMS range facessms rage faces apk

One of the best applications that have a unique collection of emojis in form of rage faces. The application can hilariously help you to express your anger and Fury while texting online. Comprehensive and user-friendly emoji application works best on Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. It has 3D camera features through which you can use the application in a better way.

It is available for both Apple and Android users.

                                                                       Download for iPhone

10. Gboardgboard app for android and iphone

If you are extremely reluctant to download trash in name of best emoji app, simply download Gboard from our list of suggestion. The application is lightweight in nature and has a user-friendly interface for delivering a better experience. It has a sufficient amount of emoji varieties that let you generate impressive expressions while you talk with people. The creative amount of themes available in the application is simply phenomenal in their own way.

                                                              Download for Android     Download for iPhone

11. Elite emojielite emoji apk

One of the best and free emoji applications is sensational in its own way. Elite emoji is flooded with beautiful stickers and ideas that can help you to become friends with unknown people on social media. The application is absolutely free and comes with extremely innovative emojis to be forwarded on different platforms. Elite emoji is only available for iPhones.

                                                                                        Download for iPhone

12. StickerMe free selfie emojistickerme free selfi emoji apk

How about downloading an application that allows you to create your own personalized emojis? Yes, you have an option to do so through StickerMe free selfie emoji application for iPhone and Android. The best emoji application customizes emojis by allowing you to resize, flip, layer and move them in different ways. You can send the emojis to different people at a single time. With thousands of design color options and animated faces, StickerMe free selfie emoji is definitely going to be your favorite emoji application of all time. Using the creative app, you can bid adieu to the Boring chatting method on a smartphone.

                                                                    Download for Android     Download for iPhone

13. TouchPal Keyboard

touchPal keyboard logo Collection of free emojis on touchPal keyboard is fun and interesting at the same time. The application is based on artificial intelligence. It suggests emojis according to the text you type. Cute and interesting emojis are supported for both IOS and Android operating systems. It doesn’t collect your conversations or personal info at all. Therefore, everything about the touchpal keyboard application is absolutely safe.

                                                              Download for Android       Download for iPhone

14. Disney emojidisney emoji blitz app for android and iphone

Popular emoji application is an all-rounder platform where you can encounter different emoji character. Lion King, mermaid and other Disney characters are definitely going to win your heart at once. The super empowering emojis are supported on Android and IOS platform to share the feelings of your heart in the best possible way.

                                                                Download for Android   Download for iPhone

15. Emoji face recorder

The smart application can easily record your facial expression for converting them into fantabulous 3D models. You can get to use more than 3000 different emojis, stickers and themes for free on this particular application. Emoji face recorder is meant for Android and IOS users. The application works in more than 150 languages so that you can chat with as many people as you want. You can use customize the theme, wallpapers, and photos through the impeccable application.

                                                                  Download for Android     Download for iPhone

16. Cats emojicat emoji apk

Cute and lovely pack of cat emoji stickers can be shared with your friends and family in an inexpensive way. The beautiful and funny cat emojis can make it extremely fun to use social media platforms for chatting. You can pick up customize themes, colors, and GIF from the app.

                                                           Download for Android     Download for iPhone

17. AR emoji AR emoji custom keyboard

Are you looking forward to the best emoji pack on iTunes? If yes, AR emoji is one of the best applications that you can come across. With more than 1000 emojis that allow you to have a personalized home screen, emoji can certainly meet your chatting requirements without needing you to pay a single dime.

                                                                               Download for iPhone

18. Kika keyboardkika keyboard for android and iphone

If you think that having a creative emoji keyboard is a necessity, try Kika keyboard particularly available on iTunes. The wonderful application comes with 800 different emoji so that you can use them beautifully and perfectly while chatting on social one of the best emoji application on iPhone can be downloaded for more fun moments with your loved ones.

                                                                  Download for Android       Download for iPhone

19. ai.typeai.type keyboard for android and iphone

If your phone does not have much storage capacity and you still want a nice emoji application, choose ai.type right away. One of the best picks of all time come with customization options auto suggestions and creativity. The best emoji keyboard you can have is ai.type.

                                                                 Download for Android     Download for iPhone

20. Emoji freeemoji free apk

You don’t have to search for any other emoji application when we have the list for best emoji applications for you. Emoji free application has hundreds of Creative emojis available for iPhone users. You are definitely going to fall in love with the wide range of emojis that can be added to your email and digital texts. In fact, the application allows you to generate pictures with cool fonts for extra oomph.

                                                                          Download for iPhone

How can emojis add an element of fun while chatting?

Sometimes you don’t feel like using any word while chatting on social media websites. Maybe because you are extremely lazy or simply don’t want to carry on the same topic anymore. Instead of ending the chat by not replying, you can send a relevant emoji to express things better.

A creative emoji keyboard has expressions for every mood. They perfectly cater the chatting needs and keep the conversation interesting and ongoing. Some of the applications have more than 1000 High Definition emojis and stickers. You can use the popular emoji applications available for iPhone and Android from this page to raise your standards.

Best legal Apps to watch Anime Online in 2019

best anime apps, anime streaming apps

Best Anime Apps 2019:  Scenario of entertainment has a totally altered the advent of internet connectivity. Gone are the days when people used to visit Cinema Halls or go crazy for watching animated movies. Nowadays, it’s very easy to enjoy the best television shows and the latest anime movies with multiple entertainment sources online. You don’t have to make hefty payment or spend your hard earned earnings at all. As long as you have the best free legal streaming application for Android and IOS, you are eligible to watch an unlimited amount of online content wherever and whenever you want.

Some of the Best Apps for Streaming Free Anime in 2019

Best App for Android

1. Sony Crackle – Watch Movies, TV Shows Online

Crackle is the most reliable online video streaming applications because of being owned by Sony. Excellent TV shows and online movies can be enjoyed online with an amazing application. Ad-free content in the movie application comprises of everything you would like to watch. Majority of the content available in the movie application is free from advertisement. However, you might encounter certain advertisements in between videos. The application owner makes sure that only HD quality videos are available for the entertainment of the users. You need to have a very good internet connection in order to enjoy watching everything you want. Uninterrupted experience a wide range of television shows and movies, high definition content is only possible at crackle as one of the best online movie apps. The stratified search option works perfectly well when you search for content according to the alphabet, length, and category.

Download Here – For Android | For iPhone

Best collection of anime movies for Android needs no sign-up or subscription requirement. Furthermore, it has impeccable workability on IOS and Android operating systems. With all the subtitles present in the movie application, you would never get to face anything disappointing or complicated.

2. Tubi TV

The broad selection of entertainment content makes sure that every age group of the user is satisfied. Media player and creative dark theme present in the application is absolutely refreshing. Each content available in the application comes up with proper subtitles for all the videos you watch. Furthermore, you can change the contents to landscape mode for the more enjoyable entertainment experience. The video and sound quality are pretty decent. There are negligible buffering issues and advertisement are the only problem that users might face. However, the frequency of advertisements is not so high. You will be getting to face an advertisement at a span of 20 minutes.

Download Here: For Android

Also, high-quality videos and mammoth content would keep you entertained forever. Unfortunately, this app is only available for android only.

3. Popcornflix Magical Streaming App

Popcornflix app

The magical streaming application is absolutely dedicated to television shows and movies. It comprises of all the categories of films including drama, horror, love story on action and many more. Popcornflix is often taken as an alternative for Netflix online movie application. The dark theme makes sure that you enjoy the user-friendly application along with high quality streaming Speed.

Free movie application is not available in all countries. Therefore, you might be required to use a VPN connection to access the content and enjoy watching movies and online shows. The never-ending collection of television shows on popcornflix makes it easy for you to directly access the required category. The application is available for both IOS and Android users with no signup required.

Download For: Available for Android Only

4. Viewster Watching Online Movies

How about watching free online movies and television shows with the streaming application? Viewster online application is flooded with documentaries, cartoon, news and little video clips that keep your entertainment standard maintained. The extensive library comprises of premium content that most of the streaming applications provide for real money. You can check out as many fandom and anime content you want. In fact, you can also share your personal views about each video on the comment section. Similar to YouTube, viewer also allows you to interact with the application by leaving your feedback.

Download Here: For Android

You can alter the video quality if the availability of an internet connection is not so good. Also, you have the option to make changes in video titles and audios for perfected User experience. With easy sharing option and unlimited content, you can watch high-quality animes and keep away from any guilt eternally.

5. Crunchyroll The Largest Streaming App

download crunchyroll apk

Are you a great fan of watching anime and don’t want any hindrances while watching those videos? Simply install Crunchyroll in your smartphone device and use your leisure in watching the exact type of content you want. crunchyroll is sure to meet your user requirements because of a high variety of Japanese and English dubbed content. It is an application which works perfectly fine with more than 25000 varieties of free anime shows. Official portal of Crunchyroll comprises of the greatest collection of animated movies.

 Download:  For Android | For iPhone

6. Wakanim

Broad platform for telecasting Japanese animated shows comprises of featured television shows that spread the message of goodness, friendship, love and cultural all throughout. Latest cartoon series are included in the application so that you would never get bored out of the content it has.

Check Official Site

You can watch the best of cartoon animated shows through smartphone, computer or Xbox device. Classic, as well as new item categorized in adventurous, comedian and action category, can be watched through the wonderful anywhere application

7. Naruto Shippuden 

Watch the best of animated content at your home without paying any subscription charges or heavy money. For all the animation lovers, Naruto Shippuden is a one-stop destination that allows you to download content for free. You don’t have to encounter any advertisement flow while watching popular shows. If you have interest in enjoying the Premium mod of the application, you would get to know about a few more episodes that are more entertaining. It is possible to connect the application with Apple TV, Xbox, roku, PS3, PS4 and other devices. The standalone application gives you all the opportunity to submit to the world of animation.

the fastest growing social network application has an unlimited amount of animated content for like minded people. It has a wonderful collection of animated shows from all over the world. anime is one of the best applications for watching content that is translated into simplistic and comprehensive language. The application not only comprises of different animated movies but also a forum, chat options, and media files. You can get registered for the new topic of discussion and debate to get Insight of varied topics. You would also get to enjoy questionnaires and quizzes in the application as a source of entertainment.

Download For: Android 

8. Funimation Now

FunimationNow anime app

Application that allows you to access anime and Manga online is wonderful and provides impeccable viewing experience. Users have to manually search for the titles and categories they want.

Download here – For android | For iPhone

The application allows you to create separate list of favorite that you would never like to miss out. All the contents of anime in the application are simply wow. The application has the ability to serve the customers with exact think they want without any interruption or hindrances.

9. Kitsu – Explore Anime

kitsu anime app, kitsu apk

Why to choose any other application when you have kitsu Anime application for the latest videos and episodes. Every year comes with new movies and television shows getting released. Kitsu tracks them all and comprises of latest movies with descriptions, titles and category. If you go through the menu tab of the application, you can facilitate your desires Better by finding the exact animated series that you have been searching all the while.

Download Here – For Android | For iPhone

Using kitsu animated movies and TV shows, you can add your favorite contained in a separate section for accessing exactly what you want every time.

10. Anidub app

Anidub app

Unique platform for view anime content has all the variety of Japanese and English content. The software is serving people who like to watch Japanese animation in the best possible way. The users get regularly notified about the latest shows added in the application. Luckily, users can get to enjoy the best of anime content for making things enjoyable and worthwhile most of the time. crisp and clear graphics of the application ensure that the search operations are best executed through the categorised keywords, release date and alphabets.

Download Here – For Android

Every anime has a different page with detailed information all together. You can encounter current ratings, statistics and enjoy all the feedback from the audiences in the application that integrates multiple things together.

Final words

Animated films are amazingly better than normal cinema movies which we get to watch. They are meant to be enjoyed with families and kids. with the huge variety of motivational content they have, Animated television shows can keep you glued to your screen because of interesting graphics and clear cut messages. The applications that serve audiences with best of anime movies are always worth download and subscription. You can handover your mobile phone to your kids so that they can watch something phenomenal instead of playing unnecessary games and wasting their time. Henceforth, our category of best anime applications would definitely let you zero up on the working and reliable platforms.

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YouTube Vanced APK 2019 | Latest Version Free Download Here

youtube vanced apk

YouTube Vanced APK  2019: There are a lot of modified YouTube applications available in the market which promises a lot of things as in their features but they underperform and cause disappointment and nothing else. Faced such situations earlier? Yes? Not anymore, welcome to our post today regarding YouTube Vanced APK. YouTube Vanced APK is also known as iYTBP which stands for injected YouTube background playback developed and maintained by former XDA developers and now is maintained by the current developers.

YouTube Vanced apk is also the very first modded YouTube application which brought a new way YouTube application could be used. It comes in with inbuilt ad blocker and various other features which are mentioned below in detail. You get all these advanced and modified functions in the latest version of YouTube Vanced App and all this completely free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny to use any of the features of the YouTube MOD app. How? Read this article to learn how to download and install this application for free on your Android device.

YouTube Vanced APK 2019

YouTube Vanced APK can help you with offline downloads, using YouTube application in the background without exiting the application. All this is just in a tiny application that too free of cost. In the official YouTube application users are restricted from downloading the videos and saving them to their device. Moreover, users are bombarded with advertisements and pop-ups which make your user experience bad and consume a lot of time.

YouTube Vanced APK is a modified YouTube application which can help you listen to music or videos in the background without closing the app and also helps you to save the videos and media into your device with just a single click.

download youtube vanced apk

YouTube Vanced APK: Features

Go through the below-mentioned features of YouTube Vanced apk which makes it far better when compared to the original YouTube app on the play store.

  • YouTube vanced android application comes with an inbuilt ad blocker which helps you in preventing advertisements on your favorite videos while using the application.

  • Seamless functioning of the application while keeping the app running in the background and performing other tasks on your device.

  • Use the pinch to zoom feature which allows you to zoom into the video you are watching. This feature is not available on the official YouTube application.

  • You get choose the look of the app among the 3 basic colors black, white and dark.

  • Picture in Picture (PiP) feature is included in the latest version of the app. However, this feature is live only for Oreo and above android version.

  • Want to listen to a particular video or music on repeat mode? Use the Auto-repeat mode to execute this function.

  • You can select the resolution and playing speed as per your choice.

Download and Install YouTube Vanced APK on Android

Follow this guide to download and install YouTube Vanced APK on your android device. You will be able to install this apk in very simple steps if you follow exactly as mentioned below.

  • Firstly, uninstall if you have any other YouTube mod application and also the latest updates from the YouTube application.

  • Now you need to enable the option to allow the installation from the unknown sources under the security tab in the settings options.

  • Now download the latest working version of YouTube MOD APK using the download button below. This file has been scanned for viruses and is completely safe to use.

Download App Here (Latest)

  • Initiate the installation process by tapping on the downloaded file and follow the screen instruction until you finish the installation.

  • After the installation is completed please reboot your android device.

  • Congratulations you have successfully installed the YouTube Vanced APK on your device and you can launch it by tapping on YouTube Vanced icon from the app drawer.

Download and Install YouTube Vanced APK on PC/Mac and iOS

Sadly there is no official version of YouTube Vanced APK for PC or iOS devices hence you need to use the following alternatives if you are looking forward to using YouTube mod APK on your PC or iOS devices.

For PC you need to install one of the best android emulators (recommended – Blue stacks) after that follow the exact steps mentioned above in the Android installation and you shall be able to use vanced application on your PC.

For iOS devices, you need to use either Jailbreaking or any Cydia software to install the apk files on the iOS device. Then you will be able to easily use YouTube Vanced APK on the iOS devices as well.


Hence this is how your download and install YouTube Vanced APK on your device for free. Hope this guide was helpful to you if yes then do share this with your friends and help them also to take advantage of this application. We would love to hear how was your experience while using this app in the comment section below.

We have a huge collection of other useful premium mods for our readers too, few of them are listed below:

Thank You!

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