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Do you miss playing those epic retro games from the ’90s? Want to relive your youth memories by playing all those games? Yes? Then do not miss any line from this post and follow as mentioned below and you will be able to play all your favourite retro game back in the time. Yes, we are talking about the world’s number one retro gaming console emulator Happy Chick.

Happy Chick apk is one of the best and most loved gaming console simulator cum emulator which gives you access to more than 18 classic retro games like Super Nintendo, NES etc. The developers of this application have done a great job and this emulator has the ability to download any of the console games and make you play them on your Android, iPhone or even PC easily. So to understand and learn how to get this app on your device that too for free, go through this article step by step and follow as mentioned below.

Happy Chick Apk 2020

Happy Chick Apk is basically a simulator application

Happy Chick Apk is basically a simulator application which allows all the retro gaming lovers to relive their youth days by playing more than 18 retro classic games on their smart devices. This particular emulator has become so much lovable because of their customizable feature which makes it one of the best in the market today.

Users are actually needed to pay a minimum amount of fee to use the premium version of the application but as you are our loyal reads hence we will be sharing a free working method to download and install Happy Chick Apk on your Android devices. Moreover, users are pushed through advertisements and pop-ups which makes your user experience bad and consumes a lot of time but in the apk file, we share you will not see a single ad-popup and enjoy your time playing the game.

Happy Chick Apk Features

We have mentioned all the best features of the Happy Chick Apk in detail. Hence go through the features below and then decide whether to start using this application or not.

  • The application shared here is completely free and you need not pay a single penny to use any service provided by the app.
  • Its very simple to use, you just need to install the application and then download your favourite retro games from the app and start using it. All the controls and settings are visible on your screen and are customizable as well.
  • This application works approximately with all the android devices. But we suggest you keep your Android devices updated to the latest version to avoid any technical issues.
  • The game downloading speed is very fast. Hence you need to wait longer to start playing your favourite games.
  • This does not only allow you to play your favourite games online but also you can play those games with your friends online. Using the multiplayer feature this a particular option is available.
  • The game data saving and downloading takes place in the cloud hence taking up very little space on your Android storage.
  • Happy Chick Apk emulator consists of basically all the rick gaming resources needed to start playing any game easily.

Download and Install Happy Chick Apk on Android

Visit Official Website

This is the easiest and simplest guide which you will ever find on how to download and install Happy Chick Apk on your Android device. Follow exactly as mentioned below.

  • As you should know by now that this is a 3rd party application and you will not be able to install this app directly on your device unless you provide your device certain permissions.
  • To do so go into your settings tab and look for security option and under that enable the option to allow unknown sources.
  • Once you are done with that you will be able to install 3rd party applications on your device easily.
  • For the next step, you need to download the latest working Happy Chick Apk file
    using the download button or link below.
  • Go to your downloads folder and tap on the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • Now follow screen procedure and wait for few minutes and the installation will be completed.
  • Congratulations you have installed Happy Chick Apk on your device and now you can start using it.

Download and Install Happy Chick Apk on PC/Mac/iOS.

Most of these kinds of application does not have an official version for the PC and iOS. But you are lucky enough to find the official download files to use this application on PC and iOS devise as well.

Click on the download link below to download the official Happy Chick application file for PC. You need to just download the file and install it to start using it.

For iOS Happy Chick file is not available on the web for now, as soon as the link will be available. We will provide you with the link for the download till then use and android version


So this is how you download and install Happy Chick Apk for free on any device let it be
Android, iOS or PC. Do let us know if you face any issues while installing this application on your devices.

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