How to use WhatsApp? Complete Guide on WhatsApp 2020

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With more than 100 million users, WhatsApp is the world’s most used internet messenger. It’s getting popular day by day; millions of new user install it every single day, and that took us over a general problem. However, installing and using apps in Android is pretty easy and simple.  But if you are new to IM, just started with WhatsApp, and want to know “How to use WhatsApp messenger application?“. You are pretty much in the right place. Here we came up with a detailed guide on “How easy it is to use Whatsapp“. Generally, we talk about various WhatsApp mods. Just hold on! What’s that?

Well, Mods are is an acronym for modified. WhatsApp mods are third party Whatsapp application which is modified to give more permissions & customization to users. As you are just started using WhatsApp, we recommend you to go with official WhatsApp applications first. And if you’re already using it and want to explore new features, you must check best WhatsApp Mods available in 2k19.

Before starting with “How to use Whatsapp“, you must have it installed over your smartphone. No matter its android, Windows or iOS, Whatsapp is pretty much available for all smartphone platforms. So, lets this guide!

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How to install WhatsApp on Any Smartphone

At first Download and Install WhatsApp through your App Store. We call it PlayStore in Android and App Store in iOS. 

  • Go to the app store in your smartphone.
  • Just type WhatsApp and “WhatsApp Messenger” application will appear. Tap on it.
  • You will find install option, start installing it. Once installed, tab on the open button.
  • Just the next screen, tap on Accept to offer WhatsApp with contact to your contacts, photos, and others. It needs various permissions to operate. So, you have to agree with all in order to get fully functional. Accept use agreement to proceed.
  • On the next page, select your Country, Enter your Phone Number and tap to Next.
  • When you add your phone number, WhatsApp will send a six-digit verification code to your phone number through SMS. Its compulsory to verify your phone number via OTP.
  • In case you did not get the verification code by SMS. Just wait few minutes and tap to Call Me option to receive the verification code through the WhatsApp automatic Calling system.
  • On the next, enter your Name and tap on Next.

It’s optional but if you want to upload a profile image as your wise and you come back to here at any time to change your name or to change profile picture.

So, now you have installed WhatsApp messenger on your smartphone, now its time explore all the messaging feature this app brings to us. Before moving on the feature. Let’s have a look at the thing you guys will learn in this WhatsApp User Guide.

What we have for you in this “WhatsApp Guide”

  1. Inviting Contacts to use WhatsApp
  2. How messaging & Calls happens over WhatsApp (with details of every tick)
  3. Managing a WhatsApp Group (Creating, deleting and moderating)
  4. How Photos are sent and managed over this application.
  5. Backup and Archive management
  6. A brief over editing Notification and Privacy settings
  7. How to use WhatsApp on PC

How to Invite Contacts On WhatsApp Messanger

While installing WhatsApp, it asks for some permissions that includes accessing Contacts. After successful activation, you can search for any contact from the search option. It will show only those contacts which are available over WhatsApp or already using it. Contacts which are not using WhatsApp will not be shown.

In case any of them who have not installed WhatsApp in their phone some of your Contacts, you can refer them an invitation to join WhatsApp.

1. Open WhatsApp Messanger.

2. Next screen, tap to the Contacts tab on the top menu.

3. The Contacts Screen, tap to the green Invite button nearby the contact’s name.

4. Invite Contacts to Join you over WhatsApp.

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In iOS devices, you have to open WhatsApp, click “Favourites”, then scroll down you will find “Invite Friends to WhatsApp”.

Note: While sending an invite to Join WhatsApp, you will send a text message to that contact. So, normal messaging rates will apply to this. However, texting over WhatsApp doesn’t need anything except a working internet connection.

Chat over WhatsApp – Sending and receiving messages made easy

So, you have invited contacts now. Now lets Chat on it. Although it’s not necessary to invite people in order to start messaging on it. You are always free to start to chat with a condition that receiver also has WhatsApp installed over their phone.

Starting a Chat with any of other Contacts on WhatsApp is easy.

1.  Open WhatsApp.

2. Tap to the Contacts tab on the top menu.

3. On the next, tap on the Contact’s Name that you need to Chat.

4. On the next, type your Message and send the Message.

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Make Calls Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp Calls have been really outstanding and cut down the almost big volume of international calls in recent times. Now, people are more tend to talk over WhatsApp instead of their carrier. With WhatsApp, you can make

  • Audio Calls
  • Video Calls

All you need to have a working or I will suggest a fast internet connection. Making calls is no rocket science, its simplest one. Here are steps to make calls over WhatsApp:

1.  Open WhatsApp over your smartphone.

2. Next, tap to Calls from the top menu.

3. Next tap on the Call Icon from the top right corner of the screen.

4. On the next, select the Contact that you need to call.

5. WhatsApp calling will start.

In calling WhatsApp offers all the normal options like mute, speaker and cut. You will find back and front camera views too while video calling.

3 Types of WhatsApp Ticks with their meanings

There are mainly three types of ticks you have seen in WhatsApp Messager (Single tick, double tick, Bluetick). These ticks have their respected meanings too.

whatsapp ticks, whatsapp ticks meaning, blue tick, double tick, grey tick

  • Single Grey Tick: It means you have successfully sent a message. The tick will remain single until it has been delivered to another user.
  • Double Grey Tick: The message has been successfully delivered to another person’s WhatsApp.
  • Bluetick: The receiver has read the message you sent.

While chatting in Group messages, we have seen these tick will remains single grey tick. That’s because the message has not delivered to all members. The tick will not appear blue until all the contacts have successfully read the message.

Creating & Managing Group Chats over WhatsApp

WhatsApp also provides messaging with multiple contacts. You can create groups that can consist of a maximum of 256 members and Chat simultaneously. To start a group conversation follow these simple steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and click over three dots. You will find this these three dots at upper right on Android and bottom in iPhone devices.

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  • Now, there are 4 options. For creating a new group tab onto first option “New Group”.
  • Start adding members to it, you can search group members from your WhatsApp contacts and add “by tapping over their profile”.

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  • You can add a Group DP, by clicking on an empty dp (Default Picture / Profile picture) box, can give the Group name.
  • Once you finished tap on “Create”.

So, this How we create WhatsApp Groups. By Default Creator of the Group will be an admin, can add or remove Group members. You can make others admin too. Whatsapp Group can be muted too. To mute notifications from any group, you have to visit Setting>>Notifications>>Group Notifications and mute / unmute option.

How Photos are sent and managed over WhatsApp messenger

WhatsApp app comes with tonnes of options to share media with your contact. Mainly there two ways to share photos, you can share you pre-clicked images or can directly click pictures with WhatsApp camera and send directly.

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When a photo is messaged over WhatsApp, by default it automatically gets saved into your camera roll and anyone with your WhatsApp access can see them. You can disable this auto saved feature, follow the below steps:

For Android Phones

  • Tap over the three dots at the upper right corner, visit settings >> Data Usage >> Auto download media.
  • You will find three options here (mobile data, When connected to wi-fi, when roaming). To disable this autosaving feature you have to uncheck all.

Your setting will get saved automatically.

For iPhone Devices

  • Visit Settings >> Go to privacy >> Photos
  • Turn off the switch for WhatsApp
  • There one more way to perform same, visit Settings >> Chats and turn off “Save incoming Data” option.

This setting will stop photos being saved to your camera roll automatically. Although this media will be available over WhatsApp, it will free up some extra memory on your phone.

How to Backup & Archiving WhatsApp Chats

In your chat screen, you will find all the contacts you have recently chat with. If you don’t want to see a specific chat, you can hide it by achieving it. This action won’t delete the chat, and also not backed up to the Drive.

Archiving in iPhone:

  • To achieve any chat in iPhone, you need to open your chat screen and swipe across the chat you want to achieve. You have to swipe from lift to right in order to achieve it.
  • This action will achieve the selected chat. To achieve all of your chats visit Settings >> Chats >> Archive All Chats

Archiving Chats in Android:

  • Go to Chat Screen in your WhatsApp, then tap over any chat in order to get selected and select ‘Archive‘ option.
  • To archive all chats, visit Settings >> Chats >> Chat History >> Archive all chats
  • To unarchive archived chats, you have to scroll down in your WhatsApp chat window and tap over Archived Chats. Select the chat by tapping and holding, then select unarchive icon.

How to Take Backup of your WhatsApp Chats

Although all your chat data including messages, images, and videos are automatically saved to your mobile storage if you still want a backup in case you lose your smartphone or changing of the smartphone. You can always take backup of your WhatsApp chat, it will be stored to your selected Google Drive account. Follow these simple steps to take backup of your WhatsApp account:

  • Visit Settings >> Chats >> Chat Backup >> Backup to Google Drive
  • Here, you need to select a Google Account, if you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create one by selecting “Add Account” option.
  • One done, Tap over “Backup over“. Here you have to choose the type of network, you can schedule backup time as well.

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A user can always restore this backup from any smartphone once authentication is done. Make sure you have chosen the same Google account while restoring your old WhatsApp Backup. With WhatsApp messenger App, you can set manual as well as an automatic backup. Depending on you Chats size, it will take some time (probably few minutes). 

How to Manage Privacy and Notification Preferences?

By Default WhatsApp shows notification for all messages, you can customize privacy and notification preferences as per your needs.

  • To Edit Privacy Preferences you need to visit Settings >> Account >> Privacy

whatsapp, whatsapp privacy, whatsapp settings,

Here you will see the following window where you can edit Last seen, Profile photo, About, Status, blocked contacts and Read Receipt options. When you install WhatsApp, it was set as “Everyone” by default. You can edit it to ‘My Contacts‘ and ‘Nobody‘ in case of Last Seen, Profile picture and About. These actions are vice-versa, if you choose ‘Nobody‘, you won’t be able to see others last seen too.

What is Read Receipts?

In your privacy settings, there one more option “Read Receipts“. This is also known as ‘blue tick’ the one you see when someone read your sent texts. If you turn off Read Receipts (uncheck) other people including you won’t be able to see the blue tick, the double ticks will remain grey even if you have read the message.

How to block someone from seeing my WhatsApp Status?

You can also block contacts from seeing your Status updates. All you need to do is jump into Privacy menu and select contacts whom you don’t want to show your status. This action is not vice versa as we have seen earlier. You will still be able to see the status of blocked contacts in your status preference.

How to Block & Unblock Contacts in WhatsApp?

You can block contacts too if your made mind not to receive any text, call, status updates from any contact. Once you blocked anyone, you won’t be able to contact them and they won’t see any change to your profile except your last seen & status updates won’t appear to them. You have unblocked these blocked contacts in order to message them.

Blocking in Android Smartphones:
  • Visit Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Blocked Contacts >> Add Contact
  • Select the Contact (if their number is already saved in your phone) you want to block.
  • If contacts aren’t saved, then open chat. Tab over options and select Block option.
  • There is one more option named “Report Spam“. It will block that particular contact as well report user too.
WhatsApp Block In iPhone:
  • Open Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Blocked >> Add New
  • Select the Contact you want to block on WhatsApp.

Another method is to open chat, tap over options and select block or Report Spam.

Managing Notifications in WhatsApp

You can also manage notification settings, such as setting up ringtones for calls, vibrations and message notifications etc. You have to open Notification under settings to manage these options. These settings will be applicable to WhatsApp only if your phone is set to silent mode, then you won’t be able to hear notification tones.

Notifications in WhatsApp, whatsapp notifications, whatsapp

How to Mute Notifications from Chats & Groups?

A user can also mute respective Contacts and Groups from receiving notifications. You won’t get any message notifications for those contacts or group. Although you can read these messages in your Chat. To Mute any group or contact, visit profile and there you will find the Mute option. You can mute any contact for a particular period of time.

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How to Use WhatsApp on Desktop PC?

Using WhatsApp on PC is pretty easy now. You can access all your WhatsApp chats, Media, Status via laptop and desktop as well. Follow Simple Steps in order to use WhatsApp on your laptop:

Step 1: Open Any Web Browser in your laptop.

Step 2: Simple Search WhatsApp Web or open

whatsapp, use whatsapp on pc, pc, desktop, laptop, browser

Step 3: Now, You need to read the QR Code via your phone WhatsApp in order to allow it over the web browser.

Here’s video tutorial on How to access WhatsApp on laptop PC:

So, take a breath now. It’s pretty much heavy to consume everything by reading this Guide. You have to do things practically in order to learn all these. As you are new WhatsApp user, we recommend you to go through all the options once in a while. And if you are already using WhatsApp, wants to try a better version with more customization then you can use any WhatsApp mod. As we are team, we will recommend you to use GbWhatsapp, its one of the best apk mode WhatsApp application. You can customize your themes too, will be able to chat with more features.

If you still have any query over How to use WhatsApp? Feel free to leave your problems in the comment section below. And if you found this informative, do subscribe us. We will entertain you with the latest WhatsApp Hacks, tips & Tricks here.

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