Spotify Web Player Not Working? Chrome Fix

spotify web player

Spotify Web Player Not Working! Wants to fix it?

Well, you are at the right place to get your Spotify Web Player Fixed. Read this full guide to know more.

Spotify Web player is one of the most popular and trending music streaming platforms and we are all fans at first. But for those of you who have not tried it yet, let us introduce you to a good and amazing Spotify. With Spotify, you get to stream unlimited music online without having to do any download on your device. It gives you free access to Music podcasts and video streaming and all. Regarding its versatility, you can use it on your phone or your PC. You can use it on your Windows Lynx or on your Android iOS. It has become one of the most accessible music platforms available to all. If you want premium Spotify APK for android you should check this article.

Easily sign up and enter the huge pool of music anywhere it has to offer. You can also do this with others by creating your personal playlist. Browse both of them through album genre artist or playlist and it won’t be annoying at all. Most of its facilities are available for free. While some are available through an advanced free membership. Spotify with its many participants due to its amazing features and a lovely interface.

spotify web player

Spotify is excellent at what it does but has its own drawbacks.? Some of its users complain about Spotify Web Player not working and the following are some tips if you are one of them. With which you can browse the songs of your choice in error. If you cannot reach or connect with Spotify at all, there are several reasons. Let’s examine each of them.

How to enable Spotify web player.

spotify web playerSpotify web player is a fully service-based service that has almost all the features of downloaded apps. It could search for artist’s fairies albums. Can browse newly painted playlists for many genres and moods. Can edit your playlist on your browser.

It supports Google Chrome Fire Box Opera. Wide Wine plug-in has not been supported by Apple for Safari due to some security concerns. Anyway, if you are using a mac computer then you can just install a new browser. This Web Streaming service is not enabled by default. If you are a family using it, please follow the steps to enable it. Here are some examples of Google Chrome.

Steps to use Spotify Web Player on Chrome.

  • Launch Chrome and then go to the Spotify Web Player page. You will see the message. Playback of protected content is not enabled.
  • Open a new tab and put this link in the browser address bar chrome://setting/content Copy and press the Enter key
  • Scroll down to find menu safe content. Click on the small down word arrow icon and then enable the option Allow site to play protected content
  • Refresh the player page on Spotify and you should be able to use it. If you are using it for the first time, you can enter your username and password to log in.

Spotify web player can’t load properly try these fixes.

  • Check your network connection.

As always we start with the obvious but sometimes unseen option. Checking your network connection. If your Spotify music is suddenly cut off or if you play but nothing happens then it is most likely your internet. What do you do on Windows back here? Try opening other websites first. If they seem slow then check your internet speed there. If nothing opens then go to your system icon. They should be located in the lower right corner of your Taskbar. Click on the Wi-Fi or Lan online icon and select troubleshooting issues. If you are using Wi-Fi then there is a common problem-solving problem. The default gateway is not available. However, if you get the message that DNS is not available on the head, then the time has come to restart your modem. If that does not help, then the best option you have is your IASP.

  • Clear browser cookies and caches.

Cookies and Cache help your browser function more easily by remembering important information like login. Sometimes information can be misplaced which can cause problems with your Spotify web player. So before you go up to a more rigorous solution, you should clear your recent cookies and caches. The steps you take should be very similar to any browser. But we have included step by step for Chrome.

How to clean cookies and cache on Chrome?

  • Open the menu from the right corner of your toolbar.
  • Do hover on more devices until a bye and a small sub-menu appears. Click on the clear browsing data.
  • If you do not want to delete it, then the time limit from the dropdown-menu is 24 hours and uncheck the browsing history.
  • Click Clean data and restart Chrome. Your Spotify web player should be back to normal.

The ultimate solution is not to make Spotify web player work.

As it is difficult to identify what exactly causes the loading error of Spotify web player? Problems may exist and remain unresolved after trying all those suggestions. But don’t worry, there’s actually a final way that can enable you to play Spotify songs with the player at any time.

You should know that Spotify to protect online stream DRM uses technology. So only paid users are able to download songs offline. However, the songs they download are not actually downloaded due to DRM. In short, the songs are still saved in Spotify’s server. So we can only listen to Spotify music through our desktop app or web player. But what will happen? If we only find a way to download the Spotify songs on the drive.? Once done, we can play Spotify music with any other player on the web.

This is true. The only tool you need is called Tunes Kit Spotify Music Downloader which is DRM protected OGG Brevis. Spotify songs album playlist MP, AAC, WAV, FLAC by converting this format to common and others. Able to extract and download. It works with both premium and free accounts of Spotify. This is to say that it allows you to listen to offline Spotify even without premium.

Spotify Premium Apk 2020 Latest Version Download

spotify premium apk, spotify premium free download

Spotify Premium App 2020 Latest Version: Are you a Melophile? Or a person who loves to keep his/her earphones on and go through audio files, podcasts, novels etc on the go? If yes then this article is written just for you.

Music has become one of the best companions of our lives today helping us from reliving our stress to focusing on our work. But in this busy schedule, it becomes difficult for us to download and keep track of the latest songs, favorite podcasts etc. Hence we have got a perfect solution for you, “Spotify Premium“.

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify is one of the best music streaming portal out there to listen and save your favourite songs, audiobooks, podcasts, poetry anytime and anywhere with a mere internet connection. It comes with various genres and niches for all types of moods and people.

spotify premium apk, spotify free download, install spotify, spotify for iOS, spotify android apkOne of the most loving features which differentiate Spotify premium free APK from other music streaming apps is that here you can create your favorite playlist and share it with anyone you like. Spotify app works approximately on all the devices so you need not worry if this would be compatible with your device.

Spotify comes in different packages namely Trial, Free, and Premium. These packages differ on the serving of ads and number of random shuffles you receive. But do not worry if you can’t afford the Spotify Premium package and still want to use it, because with the help of this article we will be providing you with free Spotify premium APK. With the help of which you will be able to utilize all the Spotify Premium Apk 2020 Latest Version Download features without paying anything.

Spotify Premium App Features

Have a look at the features of the Spotify app which you can enjoy by downloading the Latest version of Spotify APK premium 2020 from this page.

  • Download your favourite music and listen to it from anywhere.
  • Block all ads and enjoy your nonstop music without any interruptions.
  • Get unlimited shuffles to skip and hop onto random music collection by Spotify.
  • You can even listen to your favourite tracks offline by saving it on your Spotify premium APK.
  • Unlimited storage space to save your favourites songs and tracks and share with your friends.
  • Play high-quality radio over the app using this premium feature.
  • Unlock Spotify connect and connect your phone, laptop, and tablet and enjoy the music without any pause.

spotify premium, spotify apk, download, install, music app, spotify music app

Download Free Spotify Premium APK for iPhone / Android / Windows

Now as you know all the exciting features of the Spotify premium over free Spotify app so let’s dive into how to download the latest free version of the Spotify premium MOD APK download cracked for your device. In the following paragraphs, we have explained step by step procedure on how to download and install Spotify premium APK no root file on your device.

How To Download & Install Spotify Premium APK for Android

  • The very first and most important step is to download the exact Spotify premium APK android file which is shared right here on your android device.

Download Spotify Premium APK

  • The APK file will be downloaded. Then tap on it to install it.
  • As this file is not downloaded from Google play store hence you might see a pop up on your android device stating “For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown or third-party apps from this source.” Do not worry and click on the “settings” button.
  • Now you will see a new window where you will be asked if you want to allow installation of apps from other sources. Just enable the option by tapping on “Allow from this source” and the option will be enabled. After enabling come back to the installation screen.

installing spotify apk, spotify premium for android, downlod spotify premium apk

  • Hence you have given permissions and enabled installation from this source now you can click on the install button and the installation will start. Now you will see another window where the installation status will be shown.
  • Within a few minutes, the app will be successfully installed and you will see the installation successfully done screen. Click on the open button to launch Spotify premium instantly.
  • Now you need to sign up for a Spotify account or login with your existing account. In both the cases, it is free of cost. Once you have your account with you just log in with it.
  • Congratulations now you can enjoy all the premium features of Spotify for free.

How to Download & Install Spotify Premium for iOS

  • Firstly download the latest version of the free Spotify premium APK iOS setup file using the link below.
  • Once you have downloaded the setup file now you need to extract it and install it.
  •  You can install this setup by using any 3rd party impactor or you can use the one suggested by us “Cydia Impactor“. If you need Cydia impactor then follow the download button and start using it.

Download Spotify Premium iOS App

Download Cydia Impactor

  • Now connect your iOS device to your PC using the USB cable.
  • Now open the Cydia impactor application on your PC and drag and drop the Spotify Premium IPA file into it and it will start installing.
  • For the installation to complete successfully you need to enter your Apple ID so as to certify that you are authorizing this operation. Once the installation is complete now login or signs up for a Spotify account.
  • Login to your Spotify app with your credentials and enjoy all the premium features of the Spotify app with any root or without paying anything.

How To Download & Install Spotify Premium on Windows

  1. The process of installing Spotify premium on windows phones or windows device is similar to the above methods.
  2. You need to download the Spotify premium .exe file from the link below and continue to the usual installation.
  3. No extra setup is required. You just need to use the setup file provided by us to get Spotify on Windows.

Get Spotify Premium Windows App

How to Fix Spotify Error Code 18 Permanently?

For some reason, you might face this issue of “Error Code 18” while installing Spotify Premium application on your computer. Before finding the solution to this Spotify Error Code 18 problem let us understand what it actually means and why is it caused?

It has been reported by few users that when they try to install Spotify on their windows computer they see a dialog box with the following message in it “The installer is unable to install Spotify because the files to write are in use by another process.  Please make sure Spotify is not running and retry.

Spotify Error Code 18 occurs only when the files which are required during the installation process are either already on your computer or are kept to use in the background which prevents the installer to use it. But fortunately, we are here for you to resolve this issue. Just follow the methods shared below and you will be able to easily get rid of this issue in no time.

Method 1: Fix Spotify Error Code 18 Using Windows Task Manager

  • Launch windows task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift Esc together.
  • Under the process tab, look for any running process with “Spotify” in their name.
  • If you find any then right click on that process and select End process under the options.
  • Try installing Spotify now and see if you face any issues.

Method 2: Clearing Spotify from AppData folder to fix Error Code 18

  • Open the run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R together.
  • Now Type %appdata% in the dialog box and hit enter.
  • Now you will see a directory, look for a folder named with Spotify. Once you find it, delete it.
  • After deleting the folder, restart your PC.
  • Now try installing Spotify premium and most probably you won’t face any issue.

How to use Spotify Premium App in Non-US Countries

How to Fix Spotify Premium APK Not Working for Non-US Country Users

Most of the time Non-US residents face a common issue stating that Spotify is not available for their country or region. Do not worry we have got a solution for you as well. Just follow the simple steps explained below and you will be good to go.

  • Go to your Android play store and install one of the best VPN on your device. Our personal suggestion would be Browsec free VPN. You can also try FlyVPN, Nord VPN etc.
  • After downloading and installing the VPN app, launch it and select any Spotify supported country as your preferred country. We would suggest changing your country to the United States or Singapore.
  • After selecting the country turn on the VPN by using the toggle in the app.
  • Once you are successfully connected leave the app running in the background and launch Spotify premium offline apk.
  • Now you won’t be facing the country restriction issue anymore.
Spotify FAQ’s

How to reset or change my Spotify password?

To reset your password, go to Spotify homepage and select reset password option and get the password reset link to your registered email. To change the password, log in to your Spotify app and then go to the account section and select change password option.

What bandwidth do I need to use Spotify seamlessly?

You can run Spotify smoothly on either Wifi or mobile data. Anything more than 100KBPS will be better to run it smoother. The faster the better.

Will my playlist be deleted?

Nope, there is no reason for Spotify to delete your playlist. This could be done only if you request for the deletion. If not then all the data will be saved to your Spotify account and you can access it from anywhere anytime. 


Hence this is all we got today to share with you regarding Spotify Premium MOD Apk. We have shared info regarding downloading, installing the app and also guides on troubleshooting problems if you face any while installing the latest version of the Spotify MOD APK. By now you should be able to use Spotify without any issue, but if you still face any issue then do comment below with your queries and we will try to revert back to you with the optimum solution as soon as possible.

Although we talk more about WhatsApp and their mods but our main motive to help our users with easy ways to do things. You can also check out other useful articles and download apps in order to ease the things.

You can also subscribe to us, we will bring more premium apps and hacks to you in the coming days. Thanks for reading this article and do share your Spotify playlist with us in the comment below 🙂

Download Spotify Premium

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spotify premium apk, spotify premium free download

Spotify For Android Smartphones:

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Spotify++ For iPhone’s

You need to install Cydia Impactor in order to install this downloaded Spotify++ app into iPhone.

Instructions to install       Download Spotify++ App

For Windows PC

System Requirements are Recommendation for Spotify for PC

Minimum Requirements:


Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: x86

Mouse: Any

Keyboard: Any

Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: x86

Mouse: Integrated Mouse

Keyboard: Integrated Keyboard


Spotify Premium for Windows

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